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Why Invest in Healthcare?

Why invest in “maybe” when you can invest in, “for sure?” For sure that we will see tremendous demand for health care services because 10,000 Americans per day now turn 65. That means just in the last week we have 70,000 new people in the United States that will have a guaranteed right to healthcare services for quite some time. How long do we mean by “quite some time?” According to the Society of Actuaries, every American man alive at 65 has a 25% chance to live to age 93; every American woman alive at 65 has a 25% chance of being alive at age 96. And that is just in America!!! Many Asian and European countries have actually surpassed the United States in longevity. This means that we can all surf “the Grey Tsunami” to record profits as long as we educate ourselves in the industry.

In the roughly decade long period between 2006 and January 1, 2017, an exchange traded fund representing the broad market of big pharmaceutical companies (ticker: XPH) returned 11.62% annually, vrs just 5.3% for the S&P 500. In other words, a $10,000 investment in XPH 10 years ago would have left you with an impressive $31,820 today, while investing in the S&P 500 would have left you with half as much. This was during one of the greatest financial crisis periods in American History!!

Lastly, we advocate learning about the business of healthcare, because we are all in that business wether we like it or not. If you or a loved one have been to the pharmacy lately, no doubt you have noticed that someone is making a fortune off of helping you and your family get well, and stay well. Why shouldn’t that mysterious “someone” be you?

Will this website teach me how to trade stocks and get rich?

We may teach you how to get rich, but we won’t be teaching you how to trade stocks. We will be teaching you how to own businesses with the goal of realizng impressive financial returns for many decades to come. Although is a free forum for expressions of opinion, we generally advocate the view points of legendary “buy and hold” investors like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. By educating yourself about one of the most lucrative businesses on earth you do have a good chance to grow rich slowly and surely. But if you want to drive a lambroughini next week, you may need to look elsewhere.

Who can be published on

This website is meant to be a forum for the free exchange of ideas about the business of healthcare. We welcome posts, commentaries and articles from financial enthusiasts, healthcare executives, and financial planners. We delight in hosting professional commentary, but you don’t have to be a professional to be published here. You do need to follow these guiding principals.

  1. Honest and Transparent: If you are promoting a product or service, please keep the promotional aspect of your article to a minimum, and let the public know. Don’t just make up random facts without pointing to your sources. Feel free to express your opinion, but please remember try to back your opinion up with facts.
  2. Easy to understand. Can your article be readily understood by any reasonably well educated individual? We are trying to demystify the art and science of heatlhcare investing, and we are looking for authors who eschew the obscure jargon of Wall Street insiders and know-it all-pundits. Our authors are detailed and thorough in their analysis, but take the time to define terms and conepts that might block the common investor from taking action on investment suggestions.
  3. Are we having fun? Is your prose more or less grammtically correct and more entertaining than watching paint dry? The great game of Healthcare Business is a constant adventure for the financial enthusiast. We love authors who can capture that excitment in prose.

If you are passionate and knowlegable about the business of health, we want to hear from you!

Who publishes

Dale Ratner Hershman, based in South Florida, is the publisher of After more than a decade as an active healthcare executive, healthcare investor, and patient, Dale realized too many people were missing out on the opportunity to benefit from one of the greatest investment booms in human history. Dale thrives on analyzing business opportunities, commentary and discussion related to those opportunities, and of course he loves the idea that we all can “do well, by doing good.”

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$3,300,000,000,000,000.¬†According to the Centers for Disease Control, that’s how much Americans will spend on healthcare this year.

Everybody knows that the Wall Street fat cats are getting rich off of healthcare…..why not you too?

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