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Our favorite biotech shares and healthcare investments in today’s stock market. Highlighting companies that stand to profit through medical innovation, mismatches in share price to market potential, or just plain great economics. (Stocks may be owned by the Sick Economist, or other commentators on this page.)


This microcap recently acquired a manufacturing facility to ensure better quality control of its formulations for patients with immune deficiencies. After successfully addressing manufacturing issues at the new plant, ADMA is ready to refile its lead drug application with the FDA. The result should be a fully integrated R&D and manufacturing company that helps patients suffering from immune related diseases.

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This small company patents, manufactures and sells capital equipment that dermatologists use to treat skin cancer and challenging aesthetic conditions. The company presents its radiation machines as a more appealing alternative to traditional skin surgeries.  With the number of skin cancer cases set to explode over the coming decades, Sensus Inc is only beginning to address a rapidly growing market.

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Coherus Bioscience seeks to provide more affordable alternatives to some of the world’s most expensive biological treatments.  After many years of research and development, Coherus is slowly approaching the point of being able to offer biosimilar products; FDA approved copies of some of the most critical, and costliest, treatments in modern medicine. The market potential is vast and rapidly growing.

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Biotech investing means betting on scientific innovation. This space is dedicated to small cap biotech stocks, leading edge biotechnology research, and small stocks that have flown under the radar. Let’s talk about how you can turn innovation into profit.


Modern healthcare equities comprise an intricate ecosystem of healthcare service providers in addition to makers of medicines and devices. Investment in insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, and many other service providers have yielded substantial profits while helping millions of people.


Healthcare Real Estate (REITs) are high yielding stocks in the healthcare industry. You can invest in nursing homes, medical office buildings and research labs. Learn a profitable and easy way to invest in healthcare real estate.


Robots, radiation cannons, and molecular imaging machines aren’t just the healthcare tech of the future; they are also the source of investor profit for many decades to come. Big machines can mean big profits for equity investors.

$3,300,000,000,000,000. According to the Centers for Disease Control, that’s how much Americans will spend on healthcare this year.

Everybody knows that the Wall Street fat cats are getting rich off of healthcare…..why not you too?

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